Services and Solutions Offered by PHI Medical Office Solutions

Services and Solutions Offered by PHI Medical Office Solutions

PHI Medical Office Solutions is a software company dedicated to providing superior solutions and services for healthcare providers. We assist practices with a wide array of daily tasks in the medical practice including scheduling, EMR, patient engagement, and billing – thanks to our innovative PhyGeneSys system. We tailored our system for the healthcare industry to provide necessary solutions for billing services and providers.

Practice Management Software

When it comes to practice management, you won’t find a more comprehensive platform than PhyGeneSys, exclusively offered by PHI Medical Office Solutions. This system can handle the most frustrating medical billing and coding jobs because it is equipped with advanced infrastructure and automation and is supported by excellent customer service. Some of the features of this system include:

  • Comprehensive account summary
  • Task management strategies
  • Billing workflow
  • Patient management
  • Insurance follow-up

Anesthesia-Focused Revenue Cycle Management

Anesthesia is a complex medical billing field that requires a solution strong enough to handle its challenges. PHI Medical Office Solutions built PhyGeneSys to tackle anesthesia billing, including concurrency evaluations, HIPAA compliant coding, and insurance plan configurations. Clients who use our technology confidently attest that you will receive higher client and patient satisfaction and reduced medical billing errors.

Pain Management EMR

Another solution we offer is the first pain-specific Electronic Medical Record. It is uniquely intuitive to provide the information, resources and solutions needed for the pain management specialty.

Our pain-specific EMR is a comprehensive solution for providers that is easy to implement and utilize. PHI’s EMR allows users to simplify scheduling, save time and reduce errors while increasing productivity.

Software for Medical Billing Companies

PhyGeneSys utilizes sound practices and the latest technology for your specific billing needs. Medical billing requires a billing logic for various specialties. PHI has a proven track record of knowledgeable staff who promote collaboration and integrity. Thanks to our use of the latest technology, practices are ensured better accuracy as well as a consistent revenue increase.

It is clear that the systems and solutions available from PHI Medical Office Solutions are designed to meet specific needs in the healthcare industry, including providers, nurses, medical coders, billing experts and owners. Exploring the benefits, solutions and options will guide you to ensure that you have the most accurate systems in place. Visit our website today to begin exploring PhyGeneSys.