Medical Billing Companies

What We Offer

Medical Billing Companies

PHI Medical Office Solutions’ focused mission is directed to meet your specific billing service needs. You will be pleased with our easy-to-use latest technology, accuracy, proven track record, complete transparency, consistent revenue progression, knowledgeable and responsible staff, and satisfying results. We aim to promote an atmosphere of collaboration and integrity. We stand out with the following features:

  • Billing Services form over 50% of the clients of PHI Medical Office Solutions

  • Maintenance of Insurance Plans and other entities at the Enterprise level with maintenance of practice specific information at the practice level that will minimize the maintenance requirements but keep the practice business rules and information completely separate

  • Automated Processes that will minimize expenses for routine work allowing the medical billing service to compete effectively in a very competitive environment

  • Billing Logic that will meet the unique requirements of many different specialties

    • Anesthesia Concurrency and Modifiers

    • Global Period Calculations and Modifier validation

    • Multiple procedure discount calculations

    • Modifier schemes for Surgical Assistants

  • Demographic and Clinical Interface Capabilities that will decrease data entry cost

  • Single ERA Process that will handle any ANSI 5010 835 compliant ERA