What We Offer


Even though this is a complex medical billing category, our culture demands responsibility, reliability, security, and compliance review to identify potential challenges and problems. This system is embedded with the latest technology and the unique requirements of anesthesia medical billing to bring you the most value. In order to be innovative and successful, we have a team of experienced and knowledgeable staff who will efficiently

  • Evaluate concurrency against all cases in the system

  • Provide an extensive array of reports designed specifically required of anesthesia reporting

  • Monitor changes and developments in the area of anesthesia billing to make subsequent changes

  • Provide flexibility with billing and expected allowed fee schedules to effectively and efficiently monitor contract compliance

  • Provide accurate review and HIPPA compliant coding

  • Manage all associated insurance follow-up needs

  • Extend Insurance Plan configuration to meet Anesthesia needs such as

    • Automated appending of Extreme Age Modifier

    • Bill doctor only, bill doctor and CRNA on the same claim, bill doctor and CRNA on separate claims

    • Append modifiers (AA, QZ, QY, QK, QX) based on the insurance plan

  • Offer unlimited handoffs between providers