What We Offer


Our Complete Medical Practice Management System will help you handle your most frustrating medical billing and coding tasks efficiently and accurately. This system is equipped with advanced infrastructure and will allow you to maintain consistent revenue progression. The following features govern the system:

  • This Relevant and Rewarding System will help you easily streamline and exercise control over your billing workflow and patient management processes to achieve a more productive practice

  • Insurance and Guarantor Follow-up Modules will efficiently aid the processes of improving business productivity and maintaining a consistent revenue progression

  • Task Management Strategies will help you effectively communicate and manage tasks across the organization

  • A Comprehensive Account Summary will easily provide you with access to critical information in order to accurately manage the account without having to leave the home page of account details

  • Extensive Business Rules will neatly customize the application to automate functions around your business needs and parameters

  • The ICD 10 Compliant System will provide smooth and efficient operations under the new coding system

  • Payment Action Scheme will provide a flexible way to handle COB (coordination of benefit) codes to either process the payment as acceptable and roll to the next responsible party or to stop any financial write-off and place the account in follow-up until you have received the appropriate payment from the insurance company

  • Resource-based Patient Scheduling Module with multiple facilities and multiple provider capabilities fully integrated within the system

  • Automated Upload and Download of Claims, ERAs and other claim related information, will help you efficiently and productively manage time while completing tasks, even the challenging ones

  • Expected Allowed Fee Schedules with user-defined payment tolerance will identify payments not made in accordance with your contracts