Support Staff - Competent and Capable

Software is only as good as the personnel providing you with the training and support needed to get your job done. PHI Medical Office Solutions is designed in such a way that the primary installation and support is provided by capable staff with years of medical office experience. Most of the support calls we receive are in the area of system configuration to meet the specific needs of your office. Hence it is very important that you speak with someone who has been in your position and understands the questions you are asking. Furthermore, our support staff are also competently trained to sort out any system issues, should the need arise.

Installation and Training - Easy and Effective

We completely understand that your office requirements are unique and you have business processes that need to be completed in a specific order within the given time. Our systems are a way for you to efficiently and successfully accomplish your goals. We help you in the installation and training process and our user-friendly and easy to set-up system will allow you to configure the software to meet your specific needs.

Maintenance and Updates - Optimal and Current

Change is one feature that is consistent in the world of healthcare practice. Your software needs evolve overtime and require adapting to the changes. Under our maintenance agreement, our practice management is current and includes easy tools to optimize and meet the changing demands of your practice.

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