Coming soon...

Coming soon...

Adapting…to meet your needs 

Over the next several months, we will be releasing new products to help you with all or your practice management needs:

EMR for Pain Management

We are currently in beta testing at multiple practices with our new Electronic Medical Record specifically designed to meet the needs of the pain management specialists.  As we get closer to full release of the product, we will send you more information.

Patient Portal Integration

For our current clients as well as those that will use our EMR, we will be releasing a patient portal that will allow patients to:

Make payments online
Elect to receive electronic statements rather than paper
Request appointments (for those using our patient scheduling package)
Request medication refills and view the medical record (for those using the EMR)

The patient portal will be branded with your logo. 

PhyGeneSys Web Reports

For PhyGeneSys users, PHI will be introducing a product to allow your physicians to view many of the standard reports as well as custom reports for their organization.  Demonstrations of the product and capabilities will begin in September.